Thank you French American Chamber of Commerce! Honored to be a Role Model.

I don’t really like to talk about myself, but when you win an award, people talk about you even if it embarrasses you. So I’m going to share my thank yous here from this week’s French American Business Awards.

I had a great time at the French American Business Awards (May 26, 2017), organized by the French Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco. My special thank you to Sophie Woodville Ducom and Laurence Fabre Bordet for creating such a wonderful night.

This 4th edition of the event was special, as it launched a brand-new category close to my heart: 2017 Woman Role Model. Not only was I blessed to be a nominee, along other very inspiring women, I also received the special distinction award for being a Woman Role Model.

Thank you also to Merci Odile Roujol, and the rock start female executive team of the chamber who worked so hard to add this award to the event.

There are so many amazing people who helped me on this ongoing journey—some acted as role models, some played cheerleader during the tough times, some provided support, some challenged me to go beyond what I thought I could achieve, and others provided the love necessary to make it all worthwhile.

I want to start with thanking my mum Chantal Michelon, without whom I wouldn’t be here, nor would I be the woman I have become. I also want to thank my partner in life Julien Salanon, my Best Friend Cheerleaders (BFCs) Aurelia Rivier Setton, Murielle Thinard, Karina Sobieski, Virginie Maitre Infanti, Stephanie Jaffre, Aude Quancard Sun, Aurelie A Vincent, Aurelie Ferre, Olfa Zorgati, Danielle Reid,  Céline Goudy, Olivier Lauzeral, Cedric Sellin, Michal Sellin, Sandrine Clouin, Ariane Gorin, Nicole Collet – I cannot tag them all! My apologies and my appreciation to anyone I missed!

For those of you who want to watch it, here is my acceptance speech:

Our host Eve Chaurand, and French Consul general in San Francisco E. Lebrun-Damiens, reminded us how fortunate we are to live in an area where two wonderfully innovative communities come together—and how much further we can grow together. I was constantly enlightened by the new talent brought to my attention as the Chamber presented their awards. Every one of them praised the quality, cooperation and support found in San Francisco’s French community.

As many of you know, I have been traveling a lot over the last month. This evening offered a great opportunity to nurture my roots with the help of many good friends as I return home.

And finally, a little bit of laughter still comes to my lips as I think of Clara Bijl, a talented French stand-up comedian who made the night go as a breeze.

Thank you ALL! I am honored to be considered a role model!

You can find more images of the event on Facebook with web coverage at French Morning and Lost in SF.

More pictures. (Thank you to Octamedia for taking some great shots!).

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