My EdTech Interview on PIE News


Karine Allouche Salanon says online learning is a redundant term given we live in a “digitally-enabled” world now.

EdTech Europe has been covered from many perspectives. I was really excited when I saw my interview show up at PIE News.

My EdTech Interview on PIE News

KAS: What we do is to enable Fortune 2000 companies that are global to ensure their talent can operate, communicate and collaborate in English. So we work with them in partnership across the talent management ecosystem, from recruitment onwards. When there is a talent gap, we fix that gap with different learning modalities for the employees, through virtual classrooms, or executive coaching. The solution we recommend will depend on how fast, or what type of outcomes they’re expecting from the learning.

The PIE: And you said that the English training delivered is 90% online?

KAS: Yes, we have about 90% of our business online because that was really the core of the company. We diversified our offering adding human coaching in recent years and saw a great impact.

About two months ago, we inserted a virtual advisor to a bundle with all online services and we have enrolled 5,000 new learners in two months now with advisors. We’ve started to blend everything we do, just with different levels of touch.

Outside of the Western world, it’s really about accessibility.

Read the entire post at PIE News: Karine Allouche Salanon, CEO, Pearson English Business Solutions

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