Businesses no longer exist in a vacuum – My Comments at Hot Topics


From my Interview with Hot Topics

I had an opportunity to talk with Hot Topics. I’m really encouraged by all of the interest in learning innovations. They also shot a nice video. Enjoy!

“I think that if you are just looking at English when you are talking about a corporation- you need to look much wider to really realize your ecosystem of competition.”

“If you see the acquisition of Lynda by LinkedIn, this is a recruitment organization getting into content, so that they can actually plug in with a learning equipment service value chain…I’m looking at the overall ecosystem and I could almost say that LinkedIn and Lynda…could be competitors, knowing that their English offering is not as strong as what we propose right now. But there could be disruption in the future.”

Read the entire post, How is English language learning within corporates being disrupted?, at Hot Topics.


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