Joy and News: A New GlobalEnglish This Holiday Season and Beyond

New GlobalEnglish

A New GlobalEnglish

This is the time of year that people share their joys and their news in personal newsletters. Well, my year has been pretty exciting, and I think it is time to share that news here.

In November, I joined with a group of colleagues and investors to buy the Business English portion of Pearson. Our buyout resulted in the formation, or should I say, reformation, of GlobalEnglish.

For those you who read many of my blogs, you know I believe in the importance of diversity in the boardroom and in companies in general. It is not only about gender but having people representing different backgrounds, different cultures, different markets. For this to happen, we need to have people from all horizons being able to express themselves in a group with a common language.

At GlobalEnglish we give a voice to global talent by delivering an exceptional Business English learning experience. We do this through technology and programs that empower talent to better execute, collaborate and innovate for the organizations they work for, while leading the way toward more inclusive and accessible opportunities for talent around the world.

The GlobalEnglish team has been working very long hours helping to create a new, independent company. Some of the team was here when GlobalEngilsh was acquired by Pearson. Some have a twenty-year legacy, others have just started. It is truly a blessing to work with a team of such outstanding individuals, all of whom are passionate about our leaners, aligned with our values and dedicated to helping our customers achieve their goals.

The New GlobalEnglish is my Passion

GlobalEnglish is my passion. In many ways it is far from the products I worked on at Microsoft and Oracle. GlobalEnglish One is not Oracle’s database, and it is not SharePoint. Both of those products create frameworks for other people to build solutions. By contrast, the GlobalEnglish One helps individuals start to master Business English the first time they use it. We have spent the time to learn from our customers and through that we have built a great learning experience that includes self-paced training, situational learning and personalized coaching,

I am excited for our future. As the global economy attempts to make sense of all of the changes of 2016, I firmly believe that globalization will remain a key component of success, and that more people than ever will need to learn English to thrive in their markets, to enter new markets, and to track trends and developments that will allow them to innovate.

I am very thankful to be a part of this phoenix of a company rising again to take flight on its own.

Our future very much depends not just on the obstacles we face, but how we choose to overcome those obstacles. At GlobalEnglish we promise to take the path that includes and empowers.

As a reader of my blog, that you for helping add to the energy I draw on to help build new things. The new GlobalEnglish, while very experienced, is also a very young company — I look forward to nurturing it in 2017, and sharing more of my stories with you are we go through the year.

Season’s Greeting and Happy Holidays.

Five Joys of Being a People Manager

Five Joys of Being a People Manager

Five Joys of Being a People Manager

So on the back of a rather negative post focused on managers avoiding bad behavior, I thought it would be good to write a blog that shares five of the biggest joys I experience when managing and leading people.

  1. Seeing people grow. I love to see people accumulate experiences and become better people. Better at their job, better at life, better at relationships. Too often we look at people only through the lens of performance. But when we hire people, we hire the whole person, and we need to appreciate all the ways they learn and grow.
  2. Learning from my team. I know there are a lot of things I still need to learn, and I love learning them from my team. Diverse teams bring different perspectives and a variety of knowledge. I think good managers become better managers when they open themselves up to the knowledge of their team and drink deeply.
  3. Watching stress turn into celebration. We have all experienced difficult projects that create stress. We are over budget, out of time or the customer isn’t happy with result or progress. But you know, we come through all those difficulties, and many times after passing through the trials, we can look back and celebrate our accomplishments. Those difficulties teach us about our business, about the world, and about ourselves—and I think they can create powerful moments of personal and team celebration that recognizes joy in overcoming a difficult path.
  4. Learning through new eyes. The more we learn and experience ourselves, and the narrower our focus becomes, we tend to forget the pure joy of learning something new—the delight in revelation of new ideas or relationships. I not only enjoy seeing people on my team get very excited about their work, but also thrive on the energy passed on to me—and the reminder that I need to keep pushing myself to find new experiences that will bring me that joy directly.
  5. Staying connected to former colleagues. Perhaps one of the biggest joys comes from the friendships that cross the boundary from work to personal. That can be a tricky thing for those who currently work for you, but retaining a friendship with former peers and colleagues is a pleasure.

You may have your own list, but regardless of which items fall into your top five, I think you will agree that managing and leading people should be something you really enjoy doing, something that thrills you and inspires you. Our businesses are important, but they wouldn’t be nearly as valuable to our customers, or to us, without the great people who contribute their time, their intellect and their physical being every day.