Continuous Learning Conversations at Pearson English

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My Continuous Learning Conversations at Pearson English

Over the last couple of weeks, I wrote three blogs for the Pearson English website that extend the recent continuous learning themes I explored here. I want to share the opening paragraphs of the blogs and links to them. I look forward to your thoughts!

female researcher using a microscope in a lab - Continuous Learning Conversations at Pearson EnglishContinuous Learning: Staying Relevant to the Talent Conversation

I am very excited about the dialog that Pearson English Business Solutions is creating around the future of jobs, and the need for continuous learning. Anyone who has been reading my personal blog knows that continuous learning is very important to me. I think continuous learning is critical to people staying relevant in the 21st Century job market.

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Is Learning English the Way to Tackle English-biased Research?

In order to change the world, we have to start by accepting it where we find it. When it comes to content on the Internet, the vast majority of it is written in English. Even non-English speaking countries like Germany, France and Spain produce much of their scientific literature in English. Eighty percent of articles, for instance, collected by the SCOPUS database of peer-reviewed articles, were written in English according to a 2012 study by Research Trends.

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man using laptop on the floor over white background - Continuous Learning Conversations at Pearson EnglishEnglish as a Gateway Skill

English is currently the most important language of business and business travel. I speak French, but when I travel, I am much more likely to meet someone who shares speaking English with me, than speaking French. The following list offers evidence as to why English is dominant, but more importantly, why it is important to invest in reaching English proficiency.

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